Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pure Star Wars LCG Jank

The evolution of my tri-faction jank deck. So I ended up buying the new Star Wars game and I have been playing and build decks at every chance I get, I have also been teaching the game to everyone who will sit down and I am considering a third core set so I can have the demo decks built for those situations. Anyway, I wanted to have Han, Leia and Luke in a deck so I started throwing sets together and this is what I am starting with:

Jedi Affiliation
A Hero’s Journey x2
A Journey to Dagobah x1
Jedi Training x1
Questionable Contacts x2
Fleeing the Empire x2
Rumors at the Cantina x2

So it starts off with two each of the character pods and I included two of the Cantina pod to help keep my resource options open. Dagobah is a nice fish if I can get it, but the 4 damage usually means it is a turn sooner than I would like. Jedi Training gives me It Binds All Things, Jedi mind Trick and Ancient Monument as well as contributing to the force struggle itself. It lack a little punch right now and I think I might add in some Rebel Assaults and Heavy Blaster Emplacement but I want to get a few more games in to see what isn't working right now.

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