Monday, January 06, 2014

My Top 5 Boardgames of 2013

This is a list of my current top 5 games, I am going to try and update it every year. These are not all games released in 2013, so here goes.

Honorable Mention - Machi Koro

5. Founding Fathers

I love this games theme, it does a really good job of marrying the mechanics and theme of the game. It makes for a very tense area control/resource management game, for me at least that is how it plays on the table. The actions open to you are limited but the timing and various powers of the cards bring a lot of depth to the game. The only reason it hasn't seen the table more is due to the 3 player minimum.

4. Tzolkin: The Mayan Calander

The timing of this game is also a big factor in making it fun for me. Once again a small selection of main actions(pick up a piece(s) or pull a piece(s) from the wheels) and a lot of variety from the actions on the board along with varied set-ups allow for a lot of reply value. If the dummy player wasn't needed for 2 player it might rank higher but it is needed to add tension into the game.

3. Suburbia

This tile laying game has seen the table a fair amount through the year. It has a Dutch auction aspect and a healthy dose of resource management. It also has a built in equalizer for a run away leader which is nice for those times when other players get a large point jump.

2. Keyflower

So the worker placement combined with the auctions allow for a wide range of options, especially since you are using the same resource for both. One has to walk a fine line between bidding and making the resources you need. Then add in the tile laying of your village so you can transport goods for points and/or upgrading your tiles, the game offers a wealth of decisions.

1. Terra Mystica

City building, resource management and all the powers open to players. Then you have unique abilities for each race and an area control aspect with the more players you add make this a really tense/fun game for me.

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