Friday, December 05, 2014

Sick, Yet Again

So the plague has taken up residence in my house for what seem like over a month now. We have delt with a cold, tonsillitis, a sinus infection and bronchitis. We are all starting to get better but it has left zero time for games and painting, what I have been doing is thinking about project and doing a 10x10 challenge. SO I need to pick 10 games that I will play next year and play each game at least 10 times. Right now my list includes:

Robinson Crusoe: I want to do a narrative report for each game of this so that might slow things down.
Machi Koro: This will probably take 2 sessions so I might swap in another game or keep this for the flex room it gives.
T'Zolkin: A favorite of ours, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Key Flower: In the same boat(I see what you did there) as T'zolkin, but has a longer playing time so it might be harder since we often have conflicting schedules.

So I have 6 slots open and about 4 week to finalize the 10 games. The other goal on the boardgame side is to play all of my unplayed games, so that list is:

Wok Star
Imperial Settler
Fire in the Lake

On the miniature side I have my lizardmen to finish up and I would like to do another batch of them next year to fill out the army. The NMM gold will take a little bit of time on the large dinosaurs but I will just be adding large blocks of infantry in the second batch. The other fantasy army for next year will be the Wildland Alliance from Microworld Games, so I have a little bit of time before they are released to finish up my first batch of lizardmen. For 6mm sci-fi I will be picking up the Tzacol(aztec space frog) army when it releases next year.

I'm not sure if I will get a second sci-fi army this year or wait for next year and see if anything else comes along that catches my attention. I wouldn't mind Thousand Sons or Death Korps but I don't know if I could track enough down to make decent table presence. I also like the Sisterhood from Onslaught Miniatures, so I will probably hold off on the second choice until I have my first choice well under way. The last project definitely hitting the table next year will be WWII microarmor Italian Tanks, I will probably avoid infantry as much as possible and just field tanks, artillery and armored cars.

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