Sunday, March 25, 2018

Commission Painting

  So I am just getting back to painting in a consistent manner, I have always found deadlines to be helpful.  Since I don't play any of the games anymore painting an army isn't a thing that I must finish for my own needs but seeing an army painted across the table was always the highlight of the event for me.

  Are you going to win any kind of painting competition with my work? No, at least not for the time being.  You will get an army painted to a Tabletop standard or higher as I want to push myself and my skills with each army.

Right now I am trying to focus on Flames of War and Warmachine/Hordes.  I have done the odd RPG miniature and would be willing to discuss the opportunity.  As for the cost of service, I would be willing to work for miniatures as long as the client covers shipping both ways and a nominso fee for materials.  I am looking at charging the retail cost of models for the paint job but for large armies we can work towards a deal.

Later days,


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