Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kislev Proxy List

I am going to start a Kislev proxy list since Araby seems to be pretty well covered right now. I wanted to go with more of a herd list, something that could really get the feel of this massive herd just roaming over the steppes and raiding villages and using a lot of mobile and fast striking warfare. Here is what I have in mind so far, all of Kislev would be from MWG.

My fill in for Knights.

Centaur Nobles

These guys are going to be my Horse Archers

Centaur Archers

For Bowmen I was thinking these guys would do.

Faun Archers

Axemen, not really sure what to use for them but my front runner are these two.


Drilled Beastmen

Bears, I have two option.


Dire Boars

For the Bear mount I figured these guys would do nicely.


For the War Wagon I'm not sure how big I want to go but either I could go all out with this guy. Unfortunately neither really fit the Warmaster rules so I might have to try my hand at scratch building a couple.


Beastmen Chariot

For characters and the like I was going to go with these guys.

Beastmen Command

The next army I want to work on is going to have these guys at the core, but I need to find some with hand weapons to really fill out.

All from Baccus miniatures.

I figured I would fill out the list with things to represent skin walkers and other nature like spirits, but I am not sure what I would really run them as but I think it could be fun..

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