Thursday, May 29, 2014

6mm Projects

I have been looking at some 6mm lately and I am really liking what I see. These are the project that I have thought about doing and one or two of them might join the Lizards in the queue this year.


--Right now I am in the middle of working on a Lizard list for generic fantasy rules. I have a few unit nearing completion and I have plans on expanding what I already have.--


--I worked out most of a list on what to pick up for a 6mm WM army for them, I just have to figure out the War Wagon and it should just be down to ordering and painting it all up.--


--Another list that should be pretty easy, Baccus has some great stand ins from their Crusades, English Civil War and Crusades lines. The 6mm Pegasus Mounts might be the toughest find for the list. I might be able to snip some Giant Eagle wings and reattach them to a standard mount. This is another list that could pull historical and fantasy duty--


--I have a few thing in mind, this could end up as Warmaster and Ancients with the core pulling double duty with the more fantastical units being rotated out.--


--Another MWA, generic and WM option but I would have to try and track down some of the more fantastical units.--


--There are a few rules systems out there to do these battles, I just need to decide what nation and get the harassers for the Giant Monsters to step on and the terrain. Honestly the tanks and what not usually just end up as terrain in these games so it is something that I found to be neat but the toys are the main drive of the game.--

Okami Technocracy Combine

--I really just want to paint up some of their battle suits.--

Quozotel(Lizardmen Sci-fi)

--Unreleased from Onslaught Miniatures, it will be hard to resist once they are released. Might serve as a proxy army for Eldar in Epic but I will know more once I see the models.--

Wildland Alliance

--Unreleased from Microworld Games right now but will be hard for me to resist. Will either end up as a generic list or I might try to figure out something for WM, maybe Ogre Kingdoms.--


--Unreleased from Microworld Games right now but will be hard for me to resist.--

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