Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Splendor of it all

Not much time to paint but I have stolen an hour here and there to put a color or two on my spearmen and work on the armor of the Brachiosaurus. Other than that I had a lot of games of Splendor. The game is solid but I find the luck factor to be very high, probably more so in a 2 player game than the other player counts. I tend to try and stall out a color and win on points instead of relying on the nobles for their point boosts. This is often undone by the randomness of cards coming up after having controlled them, with two players there isn't another player to even out a run of free and/or lucky cards coming up. Now statistically it shouldn't happen as often as it seems to happen to me and I am sure the stats will even out over the life of the game so it is a minor complaint.

I think it really shines at 3 to 4 players and I wouldn't turn down a two player game but I have other games I would prefer at that player count and time, Taluva and The Great Heartland Hauling Company to name a couple.

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