Monday, February 09, 2015

10x10 January Progress

So my final list of my 10x10 challenge is:

1. Castles of Burgundy
2. Founding Fathers
3. Keyflower
4. Robinson Crusoe
5. Saint Petersburg
6. T'Zolkin
7. Terra Mystica
8. Nations
9. Doomtown Reloaded
10. Machi Koro

So the progress for last month was:

Nations: 1

Got the set-up but we forgot to get and end game picture. The game is starting to wear down the missus since I do not ignore the wars and she tends to even when it would be in her best interest to start one to deny me the opportunity. These might be our last plays of the game if her outlook of the game stays the same, would give me a chance to get another civ game so I'm okay with whatever decision comes down the road.

Terra Mystica: 1

Here are our starting places, she went with Witches and I went with Swarmlings(I wanted to try them out).

Here is the game right before we converted resources to victory points, I believe the final ended up being 95-93 Swarmings, this was one of our lowest scoring games. We pretty much stayed away and she didn't build her Stronghold because she wanted to try a more Temple focused game. We both made some poor decisions that led to suboptimal bonus scoring but we did learn a lot by trying out a different style of play.

Doomtown Reloaded: 3

Playing as Fourth Ring a lot right now and tweaking the deck after most games. I am probably going to finish out this cycle with them until I win a play mat or I get tired of the builds I have but nothing else really appeals outside of a possible Mad Scientist build after Election Day Slaughter comes out. From there I will probably switch over to a blessed deck from the pine box and just keep busy until shamans show up.

Machi Koro: 1

Castles of Burgundy: 1

The first time I have won against the wife where I didn't have to ply her with alcohol. She had one of the expansion maps and the tile fell my way when it came to going first choice on the turns I was first player

So 6 out of the 100 plays down in January. I didn't not knock off any of my unplayed games last month.

Catch you on the flip side.

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