Monday, March 02, 2015

10x10 February Progress

Another month down and time to tally the count, no pictures this time around.

Doomtown Reloaded: 10

So, two months in and I have the plays for Doomtown finished, I will keep track just to see how many plays I get in over the year but only 7 of these plays are coming off of the count. Tried out a new abomination build out of Fourth Ring and it went pretty rough: I have some ideas to try and fix it but hopefully the new home might help because I don't have much faith in it being a tournament caliber build right now.

Terra Mystica: 2

Another two plays down, the missus won both pretty handily. Still our score have been declining steadily, something for me to try and figure out.

Founding Fathers: 1

I love this game, so much fun if you enjoy light banter and the continental congress.

Saint Petersburg: 1

Solid econ engine allowed me to control the aristocrats the other side had access to buying. This is one of the games that things just fell right when I had the first option.

So that bring the total up to 17 out of 100 plays so far this year.

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