Thursday, March 05, 2015

Dino Progress

So the lizardmen are coming along. The archers are ready to be based, I just need to work out the number per base and if I want to do anything special.

I need to add in the waterfall, paint the base and add in some vegetation and the brachiosaurus is done.

I decided to two ankylosaurus per base, just need to do the second layer of flock and the paint and add vegetation and that will finish them up.

Triceratops are undecided upon the number per base but they are going on the 40mm x 40mm base, in either a pair formation with a few hand weapons or as a single beast flanked on both sides by spear toting lizards.

I have the shields on a handful of hand weapon lizards and their eyes and bases to paint and then it is time to base them all. I will have 3 bases of 40x40 and then the rest will go on 20x20 bases. I will probably have to order more bases before I start on my last batch of spears. Then I have the command models and 4 triceratops left to paint. I would like to order another brachiosaurus and 4 more triceratops as well as some flyer support.

I will probably wait for the ratmen for my next 6mm fantasy army since the Wildland Alliance didn't quite fit the scale I wanted. I was hoping to use the rhinos as ogres or trolls and the elephants as a step up from them. Unfortunately the rhinos look rather squat and about the size of the simian troops and smaller than the gorillas, they couldn't be swapped with the ogre cavalry so I could have rhinos on rhinos as my core block of troops. I might pick up a pack of elephants just for the command model but it will be far down the list of projects now.

So I can see the end of what I currently have for 6mm and the next project looks like it will be space frogs or WW2 Italian tanks depending on when I finish and companies release timelines.

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